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Announcing Polis: Emporia's New Participant Portal and Verification Mechanism

October 29, 2023
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We're thrilled to introduce Polis, the latest addition to the Emporia's suite of B2B research solutions, designed to set new quality and convenience standards in B2B market research. Whether you're a researcher looking for verified, high-quality respondents or a participant eager for a seamless experience, Polis has you covered. Here’s a breakdown of the benefits that Polis offers to researchers and participants alike.

For Researchers

100% LinkedIn-Verified Participants: An Industry First

Polis is the only panel ever to require LinkedIn OAuth verification from every participant, ensuring the highest quality data for your B2B research projects. This rigorous verification process aligns with Emporia’s ongoing commitment to bring unparalleled data quality to the world of B2B research.

More Engaged Research Participants

Polis provides a robust engagement platform that encourages more meaningful participation. The interactive user interface and simplified processes foster an environment where respondents are not just more active, but also more invested in the research they're contributing to.

In-Depth Participant Profiles: Leverage More Fields for Hyper-Niche Targeting

Polis grants you access to a multitude of targetable fields, equipping you with the means for hyper-specific audience segmentation. This level of granularity in targeting allows you to connect with niche segments that are both rare and relevant, maximizing the impact of your research.

For Participants

Easier Discovery and Engagement in Research Projects

No more sifting through complicated lists or platforms. Polis offers an intuitive, user-friendly portal where you can effortlessly discover and participate in research projects that align with your skills and interests.

Faster Payouts and Expanded Payment Options

Polis expedites the payment process, meaning you receive your incentives more swiftly. Plus, we’ve expanded our payment options to accommodate various preferences, giving you more freedom to choose how you’d like to be compensated.

Networking Opportunities

Polis isn’t just a portal for research; it’s a community. Build your network while contributing to projects that shape the future of business.

Personalized Experience: Tailored Opportunities Just for You

Polis employs smart algorithms to match you with research projects that align with your expertise and interests. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, enjoy a tailored experience that not only makes participation more engaging but also maximizes your contributions to the research community.

For Sample Providers

Emporia is excited to extend the capabilities of Polis to sample suppliers, offering a cutting-edge solution for panel authentication and verification. This feature empowers sample providers to utilize the robust LinkedIn OAuth verification process at the very entry point of a survey, ensuring unparalleled data quality and participant fit.

Seamless Authentication Process

Sample suppliers can leverage Polis to present participants with a 'Login with LinkedIn' screen before they start a survey. This innovative approach not only streamlines the entry process but also reinforces the authenticity of each participant.

Advanced Profile Scanning

Upon login, Polis skillfully scans each participant's LinkedIn profile. This scan is crucial in determining whether they are the right fit for the survey, based on their professional background and expertise.

Privacy and Security

Emporia upholds the highest standards of data privacy and security. No personal data from the LinkedIn profiles is stored during this process. It is purely a point-in-time check, designed to verify the participant's suitability without compromising their privacy or the sample provider's proprietary panel.

Enhanced Data Integrity

With Polis, sample suppliers can assure their clients of the highest quality and relevance of respondents. This system significantly reduces the chances of mismatched or unqualified participants, thereby enhancing the overall quality of the research


Polis is more than just a new feature; it’s a tool aimed at redefining the B2B research landscape. For researchers, it promises high-quality, LinkedIn-verified participants, heightened engagement, and the ability to connect with hyper-niche audiences. For participants, it delivers a streamlined user experience, faster payouts, and (soon) forthcoming networking opportunities. For sample providers it offers a enhanced way to verify your panel.

If you're a sample provider, please get in touch to learn how you can implement Polis in your studies.

If you're a professional curious about participating in research studies, we invite you to sign up to get started.

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