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Our story and why we exist
Emporia emerged from a vision to redefine the B2B market research landscape. We observed a fundamental disconnect in the traditional methods of sourcing respondents: reliance on outdated panels, prevalence of self-reported data, and a staggering 40% fraud rate in survey responses. These pain points hindered businesses from gaining the authentic insights necessary to drive impactful decisions.

In this landscape, current market players face a paradox. Addressing the data integrity problem not only impacts their bottom line, but also casts a shadow on the credibility of their historical data. This inherent conflict of interest has left this issue largely unaddressed for over a decade.

Co-founded in New York City by industry outsiders from Goldman Sachs, Amazon and Marriott International, Emporia takes a deeply technical approach to solving the data quality problem and delivering actionable insights. With our participant portal and quality management system, Polis, we've built the first-ever entirely LinkedIn-verified B2B panel of respondents, ensuring every piece of data is as genuine as the professional behind it. Working in concert with our primary research platform, the Emporia team introduces an unparalleled standard of quality and simplicity to the world of B2B market insights.

Our commitment to quality resonates through every interaction — be it a client relying on our data to develop a business strategy or a respondent contributing their time and insights. Emporia is a nexus for verifiable information, where every contribution is valuable and every insight is informed by data that clients can trust.

Our growing team is steadfast in our mission to bring better products, services and strategies to the world of work through actionable data and information. Our clients are at the forefront of change, building innovations that redefine markets. We stand alongside them, deeply aware of the responsibility we shoulder in informing their critical decisions.

Quick Links:
- Watch our CTO talk about the future of technology in market research alongside IPSOS's head of innovation.
- Listen to our CEO speak at ESOMAR Congress on the importance of verification in B2B market research.
- Read more about Polis and how we are redefining data quality.
our Process
1. Kick-Off
Once we've generated your audience and an SOW is signed we're ready to get started. Your dedicated account executive and a member of our technical team will work with you to set up a short call to answer any outstanding questions and cover integration.

2. Integration
Emporia integrates directly with the tools you already use including Qualtrics, Forsta, Alchemer and QuestionPro. If you're running a qualitative project we offer the option to onboard to our calendar management environment to make scheduling a breeze.

3. Launch
We'll get your survey out in the field or begin scheduling your qualitative engagement. We monitor your project throughout the course of fielding to ensure the collection of high quality responses and timely delivery.

Our Leadership

We're committed to setting the standard for data quality excellence.
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Growing a business is team work. At SaaSFlow, our values influence every decision we make.
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