FAQs For B2B Market Research Participants

June 18, 2024
3 minute read

FAQs For B2B Market Research Participants

Do you still have some burning questions about B2B market research studies and how your participation can make a difference? Here at Emporia, we’ve put together a FAQ guide for participants to explain why your input is so valuable and what you can expect from our studies. Take a look at our guide and discover how you can unlock the power of your voice!

Why Should I Participate in B2B Market Research?

Participating in B2B market research is your chance to drive the future of business. Watch LinkedIn's acclaimed branded film on B2B if you need convincing. By sharing your insights, you directly influence the creation of better products and services, stay updated with industry trends, and earn rewards. It’s a win-win situation where your voice drives innovation, and you gain exclusive benefits.

Why is My Participation Important?

Your insights help businesses make smart decisions about their products and services. By sharing your experiences, you’re helping to create solutions that better meet the needs of industries like yours.

How is My Privacy Protected?

At Emporia Research, we follow strict privacy rules. Your responses are anonymized, and your personal information is kept secure to ensure your privacy.

Will I Be Compensated for My Participation?

Yes! All Emporia studies offer compensation for your time and insights in the form of gift cards or charitable donation options.

How Do I Know If I’m Eligible to Participate?

Eligibility depends on the study’s criteria, which might include your industry, job role, or company size. You’ll usually go through an initial screening questionnaire (3-5 minutes) to see if you fit the target profile.

How Often Can I Participate in Studies?

Our participant portal, Polis, will suggest other studies that you could be a good fit for, so you’re able to participate as often as you like in our various studies.

What Happens After the Study?

After the study, the data collected is analyzed to extract meaningful insights. These insights help businesses make strategic decisions. At every step of the process, your individual responses are kept confidential.

Unlock The Power of Your Voice

Participating in B2B market research is a unique opportunity to make your voice heard and impact the business world. Plus, you get to learn new things and earn rewards along the way. If you’re ready to make a difference, opt into Emporia Research’s studies and start your journey today! Your insights are the key to better business solutions.

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