SampleCon 2024 Recap

May 1, 2024
4 minute read

State of the Industry Recap - SampleCon 2024


At SampleCon 2024, industry leaders gathered to delve into the evolving landscape of market research, tackling pressing challenges and unveiling new opportunities in the face of advancing technology and changing market dynamics. The panel featured insights from several key figures in the industry, including Corey Julseth, Michelle Darcy, Jake Roeland, Lisa Wilding Brown and Ali Henriques, each bringing a unique perspective to the table.


Emerging Trends and Challenges in Data Quality 

The conversation opened with a focus on the perennial challenge of maintaining high data quality amidst technological advancements. Michelle Darcy, VP at Cint, discussed the dual aspects of data integrity: "When I think about quality, I like to separate it into fraud and quality issues. Quality issues have been around for decades, but AI-powered tools are starting to make a real impact on improving them."


Jake Roeland emphasized the potential of revolutionizing data verification processes, noting, "I'm really excited about the potential of using verification against trusted entities. Platforms like LinkedIn and G-Suite offer existing robust frameworks for identity-based verifications."

The Role of AI in Market Research

As the discussion shifted towards AI, Lisa Wilding Brown highlighted its transformative impact, particularly in terms of data quality and fraud prevention. "AI is not just about automation; it's about enhancing our ability to understand and predict respondent behaviors, which is crucial for quality assurance in surveys," she said.


Ali Henriques from Qualtrics brought attention to the practical applications of AI in everyday research activities, expressing optimism about its integration: "At Qualtrics, we're leveraging AI to streamline our processes, which helps us respond more dynamically to client needs and market changes."

Jake Roeland also noted AI's potential efficiency impact: "I really think AI can make services the new SaaS, and if you think about the impact that that could have on gross margin and just enterprise value across the landscape, I think that's pretty exciting."


Navigating Commercial Headwinds and StrategicResponses 

Addressing the commercial challenges facing the industry, Corey Julseth spoke about the need for strategic innovation to over come these hurdles. "We've started focusing more on AI to navigate through the commercial headwinds we're facing. It's not just about cutting costs but also about enhancing efficiency and effectiveness across our operations," he explained.


Future Directions and Industry Collaboration

As the panel wrapped up, speakers shared their visions for the future of market research. Michelle Darcy envisioned a more connected and tech-driven industry: "I see a future where market research is seamlessly integrated with technological advancements, allowing us to achieve greater accuracy and deeper insights."


Ali Henriques provided a forward-looking perspective on the future of market research panels, emphasizing a shift towards more qualitative and integrated approaches: "I predict we're not using the word 'sample' right. It will fade, and for all of the reasons that you've just heard from the panel, it will get more qualitative, it will be more technology-focused, and there will be brands talking about decisions, not the process."

The discourse at SampleCon 2024 points towards a market research landscape embracing AI-driven efficiency, qualitative depth, and collaborative integration, paving the way for a future where insights seamlessly fuse with technology to navigate industry challenges and unlock new horizons.

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