The Benefits of Conducting Research with Prospective Buyers for B2B Product Managers in 2023

January 3, 2023
3 minute read
As a B2B product manager or marketer, you know firsthand the value of gathering feedback from your users to ensure that you're meeting their needs and delivering a product that adds value to their businesses. But have you ever considered the benefits of conducting user interviews with prospective customers rather than current ones?

One of the primary advantages of talking to potential customers is the opportunity to get in front of objections and build solutions before they become roadblocks in the sales process. By speaking with people who are considering your product, you can identify and address any concerns they have upfront, making it more likely that they'll become paying customers.

Additionally, engaging with prospective customers early on in the sales process allows you to play a more active role in shaping their decision-making process. By providing them with valuable insights and information about your product, you can help them understand how it will meet their needs and make it more difficult for competitors to sway them.

Another benefit of conducting user interviews with prospective customers is the ability to gather feedback from a diverse group of businesses. Many B2B companies have a lower cardinality of users, which can make it challenging to regularly speak with a diverse set of customers. By reaching out to potential customers, you can expand your pool of respondents and get a broader understanding of what different types of businesses are looking for in a product.

Finally, talking to prospective customers can help you gather valuable insights about market trends and identify new opportunities for growth. By understanding the needs and pain points of businesses that are considering your product, you can better tailor your marketing and sales efforts to meet their needs and drive more conversions. This type of proactive, growth-minded approach to product marketing is sure to impress management and set you apart as a valuable asset to the team.

Overall, conducting user interviews with prospective customers can provide numerous benefits to B2B product managers and marketers. Whether you're looking to get out ahead of objections, play a more active role in the sales process, gather feedback from a diverse group of businesses, or identify new growth opportunities, speaking with potential customers can help you achieve these goals. So, the next time you're seeking feedback from your users, consider expanding your focus to include prospective customers as well.

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